Comprehensive Finance & Accounting


BPO7’s Comprehensive Finance & Accounting process outsourcing allows companies to streamline their operations, while enjoying our quality work commitment.

Performing financial and accounting functions are the utmost critical factors for any organization, thus one of the top priorities for a CFO is to ensure work continuity within the finance and accounting department. In compliance with your organization’s relevant accounting and specific regulatory requirements at all stages of your business life cycle, and based on our vast experience and in-depth knowledge, we ensure to perform the following full range and comprehensive functions to back up your day-to-day operations:

  • Dedicated roles of managerial, supervisory & staff (book-keeping) functions
  • Conducting regular physical count of cash, inventories and fixed assets
  • Preparation and reviews of accounting policies, manuals and guidelines
  • Closing, reconciliation and confirmation processes
  • Financial report preparation in accordance with IFRS/PSAK for management and group reporting purposes
  • Consolidated accounts and schedules preparation
  • Monthly and annual tax compliances
  • Financial analysis using budget and forecast tools
  • Third party dealings with external auditors, bankers, insurance companies, group companies and tax consultant/officials.


Our professionals are committed to understanding and exceeding your specific organizational requirements to perform the above functions. By utilizing proven methodologies and technology solutions, we are able to reduce errors, increase response time and quickly adapt to changing business needs, so that the organizations could continuously improve the cost and efficiency of their finance & accounting functions, while remaining compliant and adherent to monthly closing and reporting deadlines..