Financial Analysis

BPO7's financial planning solution provides flexible financial modeling capabilities to help companies meet their budgeting and ongoing forecasting needs, model and evaluate different financial scenarios to set targets for your annual operating plan – in a bottoms-up or top-down manner – and then analyze the variance between actual and projected results to manage business performance by collecting inputs and assumptions, reviewing iterations and presenting consolidated & comprehensive results in a timely manner. The analysis enriched with comprehensive analytical ratios proves to be powerful tool in strategic planning and control.

As the business environment becomes ever more complex and global, CFOs are becoming increasingly concerned that they have the appropriate resources, innovation and talent available to impact their business. It has become utmost important for organizations and their executives to generate better, more informed and fact-based decisions utilizing advanced strategy that drive value creation.

Planning, budgeting and forecasting are therefore vital processes for almost all organizations. Understanding past performance and translating that insight into forward-looking targets to align business results with the corporate strategy is key to driving shareholder’s value. Leading organizations have shifted from the traditional annual budgeting cycles into a rolling forecast based on actual results that focused on managing the enterprise' performance.