HR & Payroll Solution


BENEMICA Human Management System brings Accuracy, Flexibility, Proven, Secure to your HR and Payroll processes. Hosted in best cloud, not require any installation, it means lower your IT investment.

Performing Payroll process are one of the utmost critical factors for any organization, with tight timeline, HR are mostly struggle performing this repetitive process. Thus, one of the top priorities for a Director, Owner or Founder is to ensure work continuity within the organization without any issue on managing salary payment. In compliance with your organization’s relevant policy, and regulatory requirements at all stages of your HR processes, and based on our vast experience and in-depth knowledge, we ensure to perform the following full range and comprehensive functions to ensure your HR-Payroll is manageable accordingly:

  • Multi companies or Organizations
  • Multi Branches and Tax IDs
  • Configurable Business Setting
  • Integration to Fingerprint device
  • Employee management
  • Employee benefit program
  • Flexible salary structure
  • Overtime compliance
  • Multi Deductions
  • Multi cycle of Payroll
  • Multi payroll disbursements
  • Comprehensive and flexible tax options
  • Flexible Payslip Options (Hardcopy, email, e-Payslip)
  • Reports to Tax office
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Payroll journal entries
  • Employee and manager Self Services :
    • - e-Attendance (geo-tagging + Selfie)
    • - e-Leave
    • - e-Claim/ Reimbursement
    • - e-Overtime
    • - e-payslip


Our professionals are committed to understanding and exceeding your specific organizational requirements to perform the above functions. By utilizing proven methodologies and technology solutions, we are able to reduce errors, increase response time and quickly adapt to changing business needs, so that the organizations could continuously improve the cost and efficiency of their Payroll functions, while remaining capacity can be allocate to grow your employee productivity and competency.


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