Capital Expenditure

BPO7’s powerful capital expenditure (“capex”) process outsourcing can control, track and record every change that occurs during the lifetime of an asset. Rapid access to comprehensive capex information, consisting of tangible (fixed assets) and intangible assets information, has transformed asset management, reduced costs and improved compliance.

The key benefits of our capex process below assist you to achieve the company’s goals:

• The integrated workflow capabilities support the asset lifecycle from asset acquisition to retirement - end-to-end - with register informing asset status, history and location, and enabling full or partial asset disposals, transfers, relieve, revaluation and splits.

• The integrated capex function imposes control into asset’s capacity utilization assessment, tracking vendor performance, prevention of delay in asset’s insurance renewal and claim, and timely identification of warranty expiry.

• Effective management of complex depreciation is enabled by comprehensive portfolio of depreciation methods. In compliance with local tax regulations, the system in parallel maintains updated computation of required local depreciation method, allowing management to obtain accurate information about charges eligible for tax relief/saving.

• Accessible mean for gathering information on qualifying assets that are subject to instant calculation of various asset allowance rules.

• Quick and accurate ‘what if’ tool to determine rapid & automated budgeted and forecasted assets’ depreciation charges, thus improves the tax planning and other capex decision making, as well as accelerates year-end reporting by real-time analysis of forecasted and live budget variance.