By innovative design of technology solutions in monitoring procurement and payable transactions, BPO7’s Procure-to-Payment (P2P) service can move organizations beyond a reactive, post-payment recovery mindset, to one that prevents lost profits and overpayments and proactively enhance processing errors identification before payments are made.

For many companies, the roots of errors, and therefore lost of profits, in the P2P process are complex and varied, such as over or duplicate payments, invoice or data errors, incorrect data entry, and failure to take appropriate discounts. All of those inconsistent P2P processes are constant realities which can lead to significant losses and an obstacle to achieving high performance and outpacing their competitors.

The world’s volatile macroeconomic conditions today have presented organizations with opportunities to reassess their fundamentals. There is now an increased focus on cost and expenses – factors that impact the organization’s bottom-line. As a result, P2P process — which till some time back used to be an administrative function — has become a strategic area of value creation.

Our core capability is to create a prevention-focused environment towards a more accurate and efficient P2P function within client’s organization, as detailed below:

• Contract management
• Requisition, Purchase Order & vendor’s invoice management
• Data validation, approval & posting

Travel & Expense
• Document management
• Data validation, approval & posting

Accounts Payable & Payment
• Payment control
• Claim & dispute resolution

Analytics & Reporting
• Reconciliation
• Performance & compliances
• Payment trending