Treasury and Financial Risk

The ultimate goal of treasury function is to maximize the firm's liquidity and mitigate the associated financial risk. BPO7’s automated Treasury & Financial Risk process outsourcing optimizes your working capital and makes the most of your financial resources. Our technology supported services monitor and manage the full spectrum of financial instruments with greater transparency and control for better decision making and results.

The main advantages of our sound treasury and financial risk process outsourcing are as follows:

  • Improved cash flow management and visibility through enhanced control over payment and receipt processes and the overall working capital.
  • Produce accurate and reliable liquidity forecasts and plans which are integrated with debt, investment and hedge management platform.
  • Reduce borrowing costs and increase investment returns with timely and accurate cash information utilizing proactive risk management. Better investment decisions and lower cost of borrowing provide greater return on investment and a healthier bottom line. Our system responds proactively to mitigate financial risk in a timely manner for effective debt and investment management.
  • Simplify and streamline banking relationships, and reduced cost of electronic bank communication and transaction fees.