Corporate Tax

In line with IFRS and local accounting standards (PSAK) requirements, corporate income tax is differentiated between current and deferred tax. BPO7’s software technology solution allows the companies to assess both of their current and deferred taxes in a reliable and efficient manner through the complexity of identifying timing- or permanent- difference transactions from the tax perspective. Our expertise in taxation and understanding of your business specifically will considerably lessen your burden in tax.

CFOs are increasingly concerned that assessing corporate income tax is not merely part of financial year end closing for filing annual tax return purpose. More companies are aware that sound implementation of applicable accounting standards and practices of income tax in their periodic or monthly financial reporting provides a better outlook of the Company’s performance to the stakeholder. 

Other main benefits that clients obtain from our Corporate Tax process outsourcing are as follows:

  • To reduce the year end’s bottle-neck and increase capability of self-assessment.
  • To obtain an overall outlook of the bottom-line performance.
  • To improve tax planning and cash flow management, by avoiding unnecessary tax over-payment and penalties.
  • Tax method of fixed asset’s depreciation integrated into client’s in-house resources.